Traits to look for in hiring Content Writers

Traits to look for in hiring Content Writers

2016 is fast approaching. As the New Year is about to start, people also begin planning for their New Year’s resolutions. Whether it’s for their personal or professional development, people are looking into something that’s going to be changed. In businesses, a brand new year means brand new marketing strategies and brand new processes. Whether it’s about content marketing or process improvement, businesses make it a point to increase their performance every year in order to grow.

Content writersBusinesses also grow their content plans in order to improve their marketing strategies for the year. It’s because other companies also invest and improve what they have to keep up with the growing competition especially in content marketing.

This is where hiring content writers comes in. Since growing content plans require time, skill and effort, it will result to getting the services of content editors and writers. Whether working freelance or in-house, these editors and writers should not only have, but also share the same characteristics with each other. It’s because this is where they can come up with good ideas and content marketing plans. And in order to identify those characteristics, a company should start looking on the given traits of a content writer first. Of course, he has to be intelligent, passionate and excellent in writing, deadline driven, hardworking and etc.

Well, most of the candidates or even existing content writers in a company have these “given” traits inside them. But what makes a content writer stand out among his contemporaries?

These are additional traits that a great content writer should possess:

1. Flexibility

This is not about being flexible in a yoga or gymnastics class. Flexibility here pertains to the capability to write contents based on a given voice and tone. For instance, a company asks its writers to write something for its new marketing campaign this month. As writers, it is their responsibility to understand and determine the applicable writing style for this specific campaign. Contents can be written in a light and funny tone/voice or it can be written in informational and serious tone/voice depending on the requirement. From one marketing campaign to another, writers are expected to seamlessly write contents that vary from one tone and voice to another.

2. Adaptability

The only permanent thing in this world is change. And as content marketing strategies increase and vary each year, content writers must embrace the idea that they are also expected to constantly learn more, evolve more and experiment more so that they can be more effective in writing. This trait is essential for writers working in agencies or companies that provide content for various clients. Writers must have the ability to adapt to the requested content and quickly learn the topic, industry and brand.

3. Trendy

This doesn’t mean being updated with the latest trends in fashion unless it’s part of the written content. Content writers must have to be updated with trending topics and current events. In the SEO world, properly utilizing popular discussion topics is important. And this can be done by incorporating these ideas and topics into writing. Another part of being trendy is to add spice to the utilized popular topics. Come up with catchy titles and let the readers squeeze the juice out of the whole content. Being trendy also drives the interest of existing and potential readers in.

By keeping these 3 additional traits and the standard “given” traits in mind, companies will surely have a good pool of aspiring writers for their content marketing department. Although there are companies looking for other additional traits than the ones mentioned above, chances are, those three additional traits are the basic requirements in identifying a standout in the group.