Make a Fashionable Statement with Silicone bracelets

Make a Fashionable Statement with Silicone bracelets

Silicone bracelets have become a staple in fashion. Wearing them is a great way to accessorize a casual outfit. These accessories can convey different types of moods depending on the style and the message imprinted on them.

The origin of the gel wristbands can be traced back to the 70’s punk era. Back in the days, teenagers used to sport these strips of black rubber wristbands as a form of fashion statement. Rubber wristband had little to no value. The plain, crude appearance of this rubber accessory was a stark contrast to the luxurious gold and gem jewelry that affluent individuals wore for the purpose of displaying their high status.

This trend caught on, and wearing the black rubber bracelets became a thing with the disillusioned youth. It helped them expressed the disenchantment that they were beginning to feel regarding their place in the world. Thus, the black rubber wristbands became an emblem of counterculture.

Since then the plain rubber jewelry has evolved. Gel wristbands now are often made from silicone. Teenagers still love wearing this type of accessory since it helps them to express their individuality.

Silicon braceletsSilicone bracelets have now become one of the favorite accessories to wear for those who want to use fashion to make a statement. They can personalize these wristbands by imprinting words and phrases that mean a lot to them. They can also add artwork on the surface of the band.

When customizing gel wristbands individuals can select from a variety of stock colors. If they are using unique colors they can request to have this reproduced using the Pan tone Color Match System. Next step is to select the type of wristband they want to use. Some of the more popular option include: swirled, segmented and embossed.

Swirled wristbands are tie-dyed.

Customers can choose two or three colors that will then be combined into a swirled patterned. The result is a fun hippie-inspired wristband. The appeal of this style is its vibrant colors. It catches the eyes and lends a cool factor to the wearer. Words and logos can be added on the wristband as well.

Segmented wristbands use a color blocking technique.

Customers can select two to three solid colors that would be segmented around the wristband. This type of wristband is ideal for school organizations, or sports team that use trademark colors and want to adapt them into the wristbands. Text and graphics can then be added to personalize the bracelet.

Color coated wristbands use a dual color band.

With this style, another coat of paint is added onto the surface of the wristband. The effect is that new layer of paint highlights the words and artwork that are embossed using the original color of the bracelet. The result is an eye catching, sporty wristband.

Silicone bracelets also come in different sizes.

The bigger the strap is, the more letters can be imprinted on it since there’s a lot more space. The 1 inch wristband is useful for individuals who want to imprint phrases or bigger designs on the surface of the band.

Another option is the ¾ inch bands.

These are often used by sports fans who want to showcase their team name on their wristbands as a show of solidarity. This size feels snug on the wrist without being cumbersome. It’s perfect to wear when one’s at a sports event, cheering and clapping and of course showing their pride and support for their favorite team.

Then there’s the ½ inch band which is the customary size for gel wristbands.

These can be worn two or there at once. They are valued not just for being statement wristbands but also as an accessory that spruces up a casual outfit.

Silicone bracelets are a valuable accessory not just because they can be used as an instrument to propagate social awareness. Wearing an accessory that reflects one’s preference and sensibilities can be an empowering experience. These wristbands are also precious for individuals who want express their personalities using fashion.