Imprinted memories on coins

Imprinted memories on coins

People outside the military can now use challenge coins. Many organizations are now using it to promote their brand and establishments. People celebrating special occasions and events are also using challenge coins for keepsakes or souvenirs that they give away to their guests to keep the memories of the occasion last.

What is a challenge coin?

custom coinsA challenge coin is a small coin that contains the emblem or insignia of a military unit or organization. It is handed out by unit commanders as an award for their achievements to boost their morale. They are also given to other people outside the military when they visit as a sign of acknowledgement. Challengecoins4less is your one-stop source for great custom coins and challenge coins of all kinds.


Occasions that calls for a celebration like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, Christmas, graduations and other occasions is definitely a memorable one. Everyone wants to make it special and the memories to last long. Custom coins can be personalized depending on the occasion it can be a bottle opener, key chain, military themed coins, coins with pictures or challenge coins based on video games and movies.

Corporate Events

Business establishments’ uses custom made challenge coins as a token or giveaway for their events like product launching, opening or ribbon cutting events and when they are celebrating their company’s milestone. They also reward their employees with challenge coins as an award for their excellent work or promotion to boost their morale and show their appreciation.


Schools can use challenge coins to promote their school, events, organization, clubs or departments since it comes in different shapes and sizes that can be customized. It can contain the school logo or mascot, name of the school or organization. They can also become a great souvenir for graduations and orientations. Awards for school events can also be challenge coins.

Fund Raising

Charities and foundations dedicated to some people uses challenge coins in their honor. These custom coins are sold to raise funds and donations.


People have their own different ways of remembering their departed loved ones or relatives. Soldiers, policemen and firefighters who died while serving the country or doing their duties is honored for their contribution and dedication to their duty as civil servants. Some families of the deceased create custom coins for their loved ones.

They are customized according to the request of the families it may contain the name, the organization or department the person belongs to, date of death, quotes, logo, photo and more. Memorial challenge coins are handed out during the memorial services or during the award ceremony.


Memorial Day is one the special day celebrated every year to honor the Union soldiers and the men and women who died or served the military during World War II. Modern day national heroes are also honored during this day. It is one of the days where challenge coins are distributed in honor of those heroes. These coins can come in different design, colors, shapes, finish and metals depending on the organization distributing them.

The demand for custom coins increases during this day. A person buys or creates coins for this occasion to be given as a souvenir for families, friends, acquaintances and relatives. These coins are packaged inside velvet pouches, velvet presentation boxes, wood boxes, PVC pouches and coin capsules to protect the coins. It is also a day for coin collectors who like to collect coins for every special occasion.

Presidents and Vice Presidents

Former President Bill Clinton was the first president that used challenge coins, former president George W. Bush and President Barrack Obama followed him. Former Vice President Dick Cheney was the first Vice President to use it. The custom coins made for the President are used for commemoration of his administration, inauguration and as a token that can be bought by the public. The Presidential challenge coins however are only given to certain people, mostly to foreign dignitaries and military personnel and on particular occasions that requires the presence of the President.

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