Buying Research Chemicals

Buying Research Chemicals

Research chemicals are substances sold for the purpose of research. They are not explicitly intended to be consumed by any human or animal. The full effects of all research chemicals are not completely documented because of the lack of trials. However, most of these chemicals have passed phase I to III trials. These substances have been set back and classified as research chemicals because they have failed to meet the standards of the makers and developers of these chemicals.

Research Chemicals

Research chemicals are perfectly legal in the country of origin; however when ordering them online, the country or state of destination may have different rules. When you buy research chemicals, it will be often inspected by the customs. The customs reserve the right to inspect and confiscate any incoming package. Before ordering any kind of research chemical, make sure that the state or country you’re living in permits research chemicals. In some cases, only a few specific chemical substances are banned.

When the research chemical is deemed as banned or prohibited, the addressee will be sent a letter notifying that the parcel has been confiscated. They will give the addressee the option to send a response verifying the right of the customs to forfeit and dispose of the research chemical. Any response from the addressee will serve as a proof that the prohibited substances are truly his, leading to legal charges and lawsuits. What the addressee can do is to avoid giving a response to any letter associated with the prohibited research chemical so the customs will have no proof to certify that the package containing the banned research chemicals are truly the recipient’s order.

Caution When Ordering Research Chemicals

Research chemicals are widely available and can be ordered by anyone who has a credit card and is above 18 years old, even though they are not scientists, pharmacologists and researchers of any kind. People buy research chemicals for various purposes. Most people use research chemicals as steroid alternatives. Anabolic steroids are legal but require a doctor’s prescription. These steroids cause a host of side effects in both men and women such as severe acne, infertility, shrinking of testicles, excessive body hair growth, high blood pressure and aggression.


Steroid alternatives such as selective androgen receptor modulators or SARMs have been known to exhibit effects similar to anabolic steroids without the side effects. A special kind of SARM called SARM S4 can’t be detected in the urine or blood, making it the perfect performance enhancer in athletes. When it comes to performance, SARMs are not as strong as anabolic steroids but they are safe to be used long-term.

Whether research chemicals are bought for research or for personal use, the company and distributor are never responsible for health damages and casualties caused by any research chemical. Before you buy research chemicals, take some time to read the distributor’s terms and conditions. It is naturally lengthy but knowing the company’s policy will save you from future trouble. Always consider your privacy when buying research chemicals. Make sure that the company will never sell or share your credit card information, name and address.

Deaths with Research Chemicals

The only time you should use and buy research chemicals is when you are fully aware of how they will affect your body. Death often occurs due to overdose, like many other drugs with or without prescription. Teenagers often account for most number of deaths because they haphazardly take these substances. A synthetic research drug called 25-I, for example, can cause death with as little as one drop. Some irresponsible dealers not associated with any company will market research chemicals as something else, making people think they are safe.