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Making the Most of SEO Consulting

There is no doubt the use of a search engine as a marketing tool benefits an online marketer. With a basic knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO), the business owner can use SEO without the help of an expert. Nevertheless, the opportunity to attract more customers and consequently raise the revenue is greatly enhanced by hiring a SEO consulting firm. The use of the SEO is a long and continuous process that may keep you from focusing on other business concerns.

On the other hand, there are business owners who are not able to maximize the expertise of a consulting firm because of misconceptions held about search engine optimization and not fully understanding what SEO does for the business.

The guides below can help clear an internet marketer of these misconceptions and realize the goal of raising revenue.

•Long term contracting.

seoMany business owners believe that the services of the SEO consulting firm come in after the launching of a website, after which the company experts can take care of sustaining the program. This idea may save the owner money but in the long run, may prove costly and ineffective.

Another belief is that it provides fast results. Consulting for search engine optimization takes time and a lot of work to get the desired traffic into your website. There is no rushing online traffic and while it is possible, it will eventually run against barriers which defeat the business purpose.

On the other hand, contracting a consulting firm on a long term basis gives you the following benefits: monitors and keeps your business updated with content, making sure they are search engine friendly; prevents you from making costly errors from not following SEO recommendations; provides continuous quality control.

•Regular reporting and communication.

The online industry is fast changing which adversely affect the company’s IT and marketing people in terms of time and workload. On the other hand, being up to date in online industry trends is a key to the success of the business. This fast-changing trend necessitates a long-term contract with the consulting firm.

In a long term contract, periodic reporting and communication with the SEO consulting firm provide strategic direction, continuing education for the owner’s staff responsible for the content, advice on website administration, technical support, and creative expertise.

•Advise on the right marketing mix.

seo-businessSearch engine optimization alone does not spell success for your online business though it is a critically important one. There are other strategies you can use in spreading your visibility online like social media, branding, pricing, conversion optimization, and other marketing strategies. It is not a matter of hiring one specialist for each strategy; by combining all the marketing strategies, you strengthen your business position. The consulting firm can advise you with the right marketing mix which brings the highest benefit. It can also provide the appropriate foundation, integrate the mix into a plan, and provide guidance in its implementation.

•Guidance on web content.

Business owners believe that online traffic results from publishing contents online crammed with keywords and poor link building, the purpose of which is to rank high in the search engine. However, the SEO is only as good as your web content is. With poorly crafted web content, SEO cannot be of much help. It is a website’s content that attracts customers through infographics, videos, and slideshows, to mention a few.  This is the reason why content that focuses on the customers and not the search engine is important. Fortunately,a SEO consulting firm is in a position to give advice on high-quality content such that customers keep coming back to your page.

SEO consulting is the best solution for valuable SEO knowledge,SEO techniques and strategies.

Golf Shirts and Developing Style

Choosing the right golf shirts or apparel can be a challenging task. Wearing the right clothes on the green has come a really long way.

During the earliest days of the game most people didn’t even bother to think, let alone choose, what they wore on a golf course. In fact, people just wore whatever they wanted since the concept of what was appropriate back then was never even thought about.

The same is true today actually. Most clubs don’t even have a strict dress code anymore. That said, there are still a few rules or things that people have to keep in mind when they play a round of golf.

Below are a few tips for people who want to learn more about choosing the right golf shirts and apparel.

Gathering different resources

To learn how to dress or choose the right golf wear the first thing a person ought to do is to immerse themselves in the world of golf.

Golf ShirtsThere are a lot of different resources out there available to the modern golfer. The internet is probably one of the most popular options. Then of course there’s printed material like magazines, though most people tend to eschew these in favor or the internet since it costs less.

Television is also a great source of inspiration since only some of the most prominent golfers are ever shown on television. It still is one of the best resources for keeping up with the trends of golf shirts.

Looking at all the different sources

Try to look at how people dress. The shirts that they choose, the number of layers that they have and so on are just some of the things that a person has to pay attention to. Try to pay attention to the nuances of not just the attire that they wear, but also how they are worn.

For example, back in the old days, golfers wore pants to the green, but later on decided to tuck in their pants into their socks.

It’s nice to look at all the different sources to get a bird’s eye view of the different trends in golf shirts. These resources may cover a certain sub-demographic of golfers and illustrate how some golfers do things differently.

Developing a unique style

The last thing in learning how to dress like a golfer is by simply developing one’s own sense of personal taste. It’s okay for a person to copy others at the start. This way they can begin to learn and find what it is they really want or get a feel for.

It’s alright to look at some of the latest trends and maybe even adopt them and incorporate them into the style. However, a golfer who really wants to stand out will eventually mature and develop their own brand of look.

That said; never forget that practicality is still important. Fashion freedom is not an excuse or a license to look like a garish clown on a golf course. Also keep in mind that golf wear has evolved through the years as a result of the need to keep things practical, so always keep that in mind.

Knowing where to shop

Knowing where to shop is important. For those looking to get things at a discount, a person’s best bet would most probably be the internet.

The net is the best option when looking for golf wear for two big reasons. First and foremost, the convenience, it’s really easy to shop online a couch or a chair. Second, the options, the internet is home to a lot of retailers that deal in golf shirts.

Author Bio:
Rock Bottom Golf has evolved into one of the Taylormade golf fairway woods in the world. Our core philosophy is to provide golfers with incredible deals on top quality golf shirts, golf shoes, golf apparels and golf equipment How do we do it? We buy huge lots of closeout merchandise, keep our overhead as low as humanly possible, leverage technology and then pass the savings to the consumer.
Why Choose Quality Custom Embroidered Patches

If you want to take advantage of quality custom embroidered patches to match your specific needs, be sure to find a reputable brand. You can look for competitively priced items that offer low minimums. Hence, it’s also important to guarantee quality designs to support your embroidered patches requirements in the most efficient way possible.

Custom embroidered patchesBy choosing a company that ensures customer satisfaction, your priorities are sure to be achieved at reasonable rates. With highly skilled embroidery artists, your needs will be met in no time. Custom embroidered patches are essential in many garments. So, if you currently need custom designs to suit your requirements, it’s better to work with a reliable company.

The following are the reasons why people need custom service for their required patches:

    Camping organizations and clubs
    Police and fire departments
    Sports teams
    Military units
    Schools
    Motorcycle clubs
    Businesses
    Emergency units

Custom embroidered patches are needed in uniforms and other work or organizational outfits. It simply represents any club, group, or organization in terms of the logo designs. And the best embroidery service should manufacture your specific patches with proper size and shape that you exactly need. Be sure to find the right service with higher level of clientele satisfaction offered at all times.

How to Get Ultimate Patch Designs Online

To achieve desirable designs, experience and excellence will help you determine if you’re working with the best service provider available in your local area. You can also ask them related questions to guarantee quality results. In fact, custom embroidered patches need your exact details to make sure that they’re creating the perfect design.

By identifying borders, backing, stitching, and a lot more, you will receive the right patches for your current requirements. Proportions should be cleared before you have them manufactured your embroidered patches. Know if they full understand your specific needs in order to arrive at the best outcomes.

Steps in Making Personalized Embroidered Patches

1.    Clarifications of the specific requirements and designs needed – so, you require custom patches with premium types. The best way is to first conduct some research online on the best options through customer reviews. The company with plethora of positive testimonials is surely the right choice.

2.    Choose from several patch options -pick the patch that you’re exactly looking for. Be sure to select from more options to be able to find the right design. You can choose from iron on, metallic threading, hot cut, or sticky tape. Specify your needs and let them work on it in a timely fashion.

3.    Thread the colors you want – there are great variety of colors that you can select from. You can also ask for professional advice on which hues will match your design. Custom creations are best to make since they have detailed requirements to conform. Thus, custom patches will satisfy your exact requirements for more quality garments.

Show your creativity by letting them know your desired logo. An experienced company can offer you expert details to maximize your patches. Did you know that merrowed borders are repeatedly related to traditional patches? It’s actually the “wraparound” edging on the patches while having some lip around it. For ovals, circles, squares, and rectangles, your design will need the right shape for maximum results.

Make your patches unique with custom designs. However, choose an excellent company that offers not only reasonable items but also reliable designs and materials. Be sure to do some research before choosing a company in order to provide you with better options and advantages. Create detailed patches with the right materials and enjoy them in the long run!

7 Things a Good Keynote Speaker Does Not Forget

A speaker knows it is his job to inform an audience about a certain topic, entertain them to help drive home the topic effortlessly, and inspire them to take action in order to achieve a common purpose.A good keynote speaker, however, not only does his job well, but also applies these seven important ideas:

Stay Grounded

A good speaker knows he has no need of selling himself to his audience or to the event organizer. The fact that he was hired to give a keynote speech is enough to let his listeners know that he is the right person to inform and entertain them. Having said that, the speaker should focus instead on doing what he was called in to do, and that is to sell the theme of the event.

Knowledge Is Power

keynote-speakerKnowing beforehand the details of the event where he is invited to give a talk is another thing that a good speaker does not forget to do. He makes it a point to communicate with the event organizer, making sure that he is armed with as much information as he could possibly gather on the audience he will be addressing his speech to. This knowledge will serve the speaker well in knowing how to spark his audience’s interest, create the needed rapport to engage them in the discussion that will follow, and prompt them to take up on his call to actions.

Lighten Up

A great speech can inspire an audience to solve problems, as well as to reach a common goal. Still, any speech could use a good amount of humor. A good keynote speaker always remembers though, that inappropriate humor, even when used in a corporate event held in a relaxed setting, is still unacceptable.

Know When Enough Is Enough

Giving the audience too much information does not leave them in awe of the speaker’s broad knowledge on a certain topic; it actually makes them feel confused and bored. A good speaker knows enough that complicated presentations should be done away with, and that it is best to let his carefully crafted words do the work for him.

Variety Is the Spice of Life

Another thing that a good keynote speaker knows is that although certain topics may call for lengthy talks, others could require only short discourses; what really matters is that he paces his speech well for the benefit of his audience. He understands that painstakingly fleshing out the topic at hand will bore his audience, while a hurried pace only leaves them too tired to participate in the group discussion that he incorporates in his talk.

Keep It Real

A good speaker knows that the secret to being successful in his job of engaging his audience is to make a connection with them, and this can be achieved by making them feel that he is someone who can be trusted. The speaker is able to do just that by sharing a part of his self to his audience – letting them in on his past struggles, present successes, as well as his personal opinions.

Keep It Simple

A good speaker understands this one thing: he is only as good as his ability to make his audience leave the event, with a common purpose of putting into action the ideas he has conveyed to them. He is able to accomplish this by following this tried-and-tested method when speaking to his audience: 1) inform them beforehand about the topic of his speech; 2) discuss the said topic with them; and 3) explain everything he has discussed with them.

The entire audience leaves the event unified for a single purpose, all thanks to a good keynote speaker who did a great job.

Author Bio:
A great way for the keynote speaker to introduce the books he has written on the various topics that he has given speeches on. Making a positive impact through public speaking is the main purpose of the motivational speaker.
What Every Hobbyist Needs to Know about the Etching Process of PCB Fabrication

Experts are often divided on the argument about which part of the PCB fabrication contains the highest level of difficulty. Some say that creating the schematic diagram is the most difficult because it requires a lot of attention to the smallest details. This process has been made easy by the availability of various programs that can be installed on a computer. These programs contain all the necessary tools that PCB fabricators can use to create diagrams.

However, some programs still require some manual polishing to ensure that the diagram is neat and the symbols are well-organized. The degree of polishing required for a computer-drawn schematic diagram depends primarily on its level of complexity.

Another part of the PCB fabrication process that people encounter some difficulty with is the process of etching the diagram onto the copper plate of the base board. One thing that can help PCB hobbyists in this respect is to use the PCB etching kits available in electronics stores. These kits often contain the basic necessities for etching, including:

1. Copper laminate

This is the most important part of the kit since it is where the circuit design would be printed on. This often consists of a thin sheet of copper foil that is laminated around several layers of fiberglass. The thickness of the copper laminate depends on the type of PCB that would be produced.

However, most starter kits for PCB fabrication often contain a standard-sized copper laminate that is large enough to create single-sided and double-sided PCBs.

2. Transfer Paper

This is useful in transferring the circuit design onto the copper laminate. The paper itself has to be made out of a material that is durable enough to stand the heat of a clothes iron. Some DIY PCB hobbyists have tried various types of glossy paper, such as the paper used on magazines or thick glossy photo paper.

These are good substitutes to the transfer paper on a starter kit. However, it is often better to just stick with the paper that came with the kit since the manufacturer would already have made sure that it is transfer-ready and durable.

3. Sealing Foil

This is useful in sealing the ink that has been transferred from the printing paper to the copper laminate. There are different types of sealing foils that can be used for PCB fabrication. The foil that comes in a PCB starter kit normally has instructions on how exactly the foil would work and in which type of etching process it would best be used on.

pcb fabricationMost PCB starter kits do not include the tools required to print the computer-drawn circuit design. For this purpose, hobbyists have to have a high-resolution laser printer. When printing using a regular laser printer, hobbyists have to make sure that the design they create on the computer program fits seamlessly onto a regular-sized printing paper. They wouldn’t consider this to be a problem if the circuit design is simple enough and contains only the basic components for PCB fabrication.

In order for the etching process to be completed, hobbyists also need several other supplies, such as:

1. A flat iron : Some long-time hobbyists have invested on an etching laminator since this is often safer to use than the flat iron.

2. Etching solution : The exact components of the solution vary according to what the hobbyist is most comfortable with, though the most commonly-used solution is muriatic acid or hydrogen peroxide.

3. A drill bit : This is useful in drilling holes onto the copper laminate according to the circuit design.

Once the etching process is finished, hobbyists can now focus on the fun part: mounting the components onto the homemade PCB.

Imprinted memories on coins

People outside the military can now use challenge coins. Many organizations are now using it to promote their brand and establishments. People celebrating special occasions and events are also using challenge coins for keepsakes or souvenirs that they give away to their guests to keep the memories of the occasion last.

What is a challenge coin?

custom coinsA challenge coin is a small coin that contains the emblem or insignia of a military unit or organization. It is handed out by unit commanders as an award for their achievements to boost their morale. They are also given to other people outside the military when they visit as a sign of acknowledgement. Challengecoins4less is your one-stop source for great custom coins and challenge coins of all kinds.


Occasions that calls for a celebration like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, Christmas, graduations and other occasions is definitely a memorable one. Everyone wants to make it special and the memories to last long. Custom coins can be personalized depending on the occasion it can be a bottle opener, key chain, military themed coins, coins with pictures or challenge coins based on video games and movies.

Corporate Events

Business establishments’ uses custom made challenge coins as a token or giveaway for their events like product launching, opening or ribbon cutting events and when they are celebrating their company’s milestone. They also reward their employees with challenge coins as an award for their excellent work or promotion to boost their morale and show their appreciation.


Schools can use challenge coins to promote their school, events, organization, clubs or departments since it comes in different shapes and sizes that can be customized. It can contain the school logo or mascot, name of the school or organization. They can also become a great souvenir for graduations and orientations. Awards for school events can also be challenge coins.

Fund Raising

Charities and foundations dedicated to some people uses challenge coins in their honor. These custom coins are sold to raise funds and donations.


People have their own different ways of remembering their departed loved ones or relatives. Soldiers, policemen and firefighters who died while serving the country or doing their duties is honored for their contribution and dedication to their duty as civil servants. Some families of the deceased create custom coins for their loved ones.

They are customized according to the request of the families it may contain the name, the organization or department the person belongs to, date of death, quotes, logo, photo and more. Memorial challenge coins are handed out during the memorial services or during the award ceremony.


Memorial Day is one the special day celebrated every year to honor the Union soldiers and the men and women who died or served the military during World War II. Modern day national heroes are also honored during this day. It is one of the days where challenge coins are distributed in honor of those heroes. These coins can come in different design, colors, shapes, finish and metals depending on the organization distributing them.

The demand for custom coins increases during this day. A person buys or creates coins for this occasion to be given as a souvenir for families, friends, acquaintances and relatives. These coins are packaged inside velvet pouches, velvet presentation boxes, wood boxes, PVC pouches and coin capsules to protect the coins. It is also a day for coin collectors who like to collect coins for every special occasion.

Presidents and Vice Presidents

Former President Bill Clinton was the first president that used challenge coins, former president George W. Bush and President Barrack Obama followed him. Former Vice President Dick Cheney was the first Vice President to use it. The custom coins made for the President are used for commemoration of his administration, inauguration and as a token that can be bought by the public. The Presidential challenge coins however are only given to certain people, mostly to foreign dignitaries and military personnel and on particular occasions that requires the presence of the President.

Make a Fashionable Statement with Silicone bracelets

Silicone bracelets have become a staple in fashion. Wearing them is a great way to accessorize a casual outfit. These accessories can convey different types of moods depending on the style and the message imprinted on them.

The origin of the gel wristbands can be traced back to the 70’s punk era. Back in the days, teenagers used to sport these strips of black rubber wristbands as a form of fashion statement. Rubber wristband had little to no value. The plain, crude appearance of this rubber accessory was a stark contrast to the luxurious gold and gem jewelry that affluent individuals wore for the purpose of displaying their high status.

This trend caught on, and wearing the black rubber bracelets became a thing with the disillusioned youth. It helped them expressed the disenchantment that they were beginning to feel regarding their place in the world. Thus, the black rubber wristbands became an emblem of counterculture.

Since then the plain rubber jewelry has evolved. Gel wristbands now are often made from silicone. Teenagers still love wearing this type of accessory since it helps them to express their individuality.

Silicon braceletsSilicone bracelets have now become one of the favorite accessories to wear for those who want to use fashion to make a statement. They can personalize these wristbands by imprinting words and phrases that mean a lot to them. They can also add artwork on the surface of the band.

When customizing gel wristbands individuals can select from a variety of stock colors. If they are using unique colors they can request to have this reproduced using the Pan tone Color Match System. Next step is to select the type of wristband they want to use. Some of the more popular option include: swirled, segmented and embossed.

Swirled wristbands are tie-dyed.

Customers can choose two or three colors that will then be combined into a swirled patterned. The result is a fun hippie-inspired wristband. The appeal of this style is its vibrant colors. It catches the eyes and lends a cool factor to the wearer. Words and logos can be added on the wristband as well.

Segmented wristbands use a color blocking technique.

Customers can select two to three solid colors that would be segmented around the wristband. This type of wristband is ideal for school organizations, or sports team that use trademark colors and want to adapt them into the wristbands. Text and graphics can then be added to personalize the bracelet.

Color coated wristbands use a dual color band.

With this style, another coat of paint is added onto the surface of the wristband. The effect is that new layer of paint highlights the words and artwork that are embossed using the original color of the bracelet. The result is an eye catching, sporty wristband.

Silicone bracelets also come in different sizes.

The bigger the strap is, the more letters can be imprinted on it since there’s a lot more space. The 1 inch wristband is useful for individuals who want to imprint phrases or bigger designs on the surface of the band.

Another option is the ¾ inch bands.

These are often used by sports fans who want to showcase their team name on their wristbands as a show of solidarity. This size feels snug on the wrist without being cumbersome. It’s perfect to wear when one’s at a sports event, cheering and clapping and of course showing their pride and support for their favorite team.

Then there’s the ½ inch band which is the customary size for gel wristbands.

These can be worn two or there at once. They are valued not just for being statement wristbands but also as an accessory that spruces up a casual outfit.

Silicone bracelets are a valuable accessory not just because they can be used as an instrument to propagate social awareness. Wearing an accessory that reflects one’s preference and sensibilities can be an empowering experience. These wristbands are also precious for individuals who want express their personalities using fashion.

Traits to look for in hiring Content Writers

2016 is fast approaching. As the New Year is about to start, people also begin planning for their New Year’s resolutions. Whether it’s for their personal or professional development, people are looking into something that’s going to be changed. In businesses, a brand new year means brand new marketing strategies and brand new processes. Whether it’s about content marketing or process improvement, businesses make it a point to increase their performance every year in order to grow.

Content writersBusinesses also grow their content plans in order to improve their marketing strategies for the year. It’s because other companies also invest and improve what they have to keep up with the growing competition especially in content marketing.

This is where hiring content writers comes in. Since growing content plans require time, skill and effort, it will result to getting the services of content editors and writers. Whether working freelance or in-house, these editors and writers should not only have, but also share the same characteristics with each other. It’s because this is where they can come up with good ideas and content marketing plans. And in order to identify those characteristics, a company should start looking on the given traits of a content writer first. Of course, he has to be intelligent, passionate and excellent in writing, deadline driven, hardworking and etc.

Well, most of the candidates or even existing content writers in a company have these “given” traits inside them. But what makes a content writer stand out among his contemporaries?

These are additional traits that a great content writer should possess:

1. Flexibility

This is not about being flexible in a yoga or gymnastics class. Flexibility here pertains to the capability to write contents based on a given voice and tone. For instance, a company asks its writers to write something for its new marketing campaign this month. As writers, it is their responsibility to understand and determine the applicable writing style for this specific campaign. Contents can be written in a light and funny tone/voice or it can be written in informational and serious tone/voice depending on the requirement. From one marketing campaign to another, writers are expected to seamlessly write contents that vary from one tone and voice to another.

2. Adaptability

The only permanent thing in this world is change. And as content marketing strategies increase and vary each year, content writers must embrace the idea that they are also expected to constantly learn more, evolve more and experiment more so that they can be more effective in writing. This trait is essential for writers working in agencies or companies that provide content for various clients. Writers must have the ability to adapt to the requested content and quickly learn the topic, industry and brand.

3. Trendy

This doesn’t mean being updated with the latest trends in fashion unless it’s part of the written content. Content writers must have to be updated with trending topics and current events. In the SEO world, properly utilizing popular discussion topics is important. And this can be done by incorporating these ideas and topics into writing. Another part of being trendy is to add spice to the utilized popular topics. Come up with catchy titles and let the readers squeeze the juice out of the whole content. Being trendy also drives the interest of existing and potential readers in.

By keeping these 3 additional traits and the standard “given” traits in mind, companies will surely have a good pool of aspiring writers for their content marketing department. Although there are companies looking for other additional traits than the ones mentioned above, chances are, those three additional traits are the basic requirements in identifying a standout in the group.

Buying Research Chemicals

Research chemicals are substances sold for the purpose of research. They are not explicitly intended to be consumed by any human or animal. The full effects of all research chemicals are not completely documented because of the lack of trials. However, most of these chemicals have passed phase I to III trials. These substances have been set back and classified as research chemicals because they have failed to meet the standards of the makers and developers of these chemicals.

Research Chemicals

Research chemicals are perfectly legal in the country of origin; however when ordering them online, the country or state of destination may have different rules. When you buy research chemicals, it will be often inspected by the customs. The customs reserve the right to inspect and confiscate any incoming package. Before ordering any kind of research chemical, make sure that the state or country you’re living in permits research chemicals. In some cases, only a few specific chemical substances are banned.

When the research chemical is deemed as banned or prohibited, the addressee will be sent a letter notifying that the parcel has been confiscated. They will give the addressee the option to send a response verifying the right of the customs to forfeit and dispose of the research chemical. Any response from the addressee will serve as a proof that the prohibited substances are truly his, leading to legal charges and lawsuits. What the addressee can do is to avoid giving a response to any letter associated with the prohibited research chemical so the customs will have no proof to certify that the package containing the banned research chemicals are truly the recipient’s order.

Caution When Ordering Research Chemicals

Research chemicals are widely available and can be ordered by anyone who has a credit card and is above 18 years old, even though they are not scientists, pharmacologists and researchers of any kind. People buy research chemicals for various purposes. Most people use research chemicals as steroid alternatives. Anabolic steroids are legal but require a doctor’s prescription. These steroids cause a host of side effects in both men and women such as severe acne, infertility, shrinking of testicles, excessive body hair growth, high blood pressure and aggression.


Steroid alternatives such as selective androgen receptor modulators or SARMs have been known to exhibit effects similar to anabolic steroids without the side effects. A special kind of SARM called SARM S4 can’t be detected in the urine or blood, making it the perfect performance enhancer in athletes. When it comes to performance, SARMs are not as strong as anabolic steroids but they are safe to be used long-term.

Whether research chemicals are bought for research or for personal use, the company and distributor are never responsible for health damages and casualties caused by any research chemical. Before you buy research chemicals, take some time to read the distributor’s terms and conditions. It is naturally lengthy but knowing the company’s policy will save you from future trouble. Always consider your privacy when buying research chemicals. Make sure that the company will never sell or share your credit card information, name and address.

Deaths with Research Chemicals

The only time you should use and buy research chemicals is when you are fully aware of how they will affect your body. Death often occurs due to overdose, like many other drugs with or without prescription. Teenagers often account for most number of deaths because they haphazardly take these substances. A synthetic research drug called 25-I, for example, can cause death with as little as one drop. Some irresponsible dealers not associated with any company will market research chemicals as something else, making people think they are safe.